25 Minimalist Countertop Ideas for 2020

countertopsWhether you own a home, have a small business or run a large restaurant chain, you make a first impression the minute someone walks through your door. The right countertops make a statement about your home or business. You want surfaces that emphasize both elegance and functionality, as well as your individual taste. Explore this year’s trending Minimalist design ideas.

Breaking Down Minimalist Design

When we discuss minimalism in interior design, we refer to the old axiom “less is more”. In minimalist design clean simplicity and elegance have priority over the superfluous. In other words, clean countertops in muted colors, neutral tones, and clean lines demonstrate elegance and order. A commercial retail space, office, or home that emphasizes simplicity denotes professionalism and class.

Top Trending Design Ideas

When selecting the right materials for your minimalist design, you can choose from a wide variety of countertop options. Enjoy a great array of colors and styles. Here are the most popular minimalist ideas:

  1. Solid surface neutral tone countertops contrasted with dark cabinets and fixtures
  2. Custom task lighting to maximize utility and elegance
  3. Metallic fixtures in mixed styles
  4. Monochromatic palette in matte charcoal, marble, and white
  5. Accent with natural materials, woods, and unique organic designs
  6. Install a statement chandelier
  7. Leave spaces blank or simply add sparse vases in dark colors to surfaces
  8. Add beautiful geometric art prints
  9. Place lovely vases of lush greenery strategically around the space
  10. Install colorful toe-kick lights or under cabinet lighting for extra elegance
  11. Carefully select which items to display in your home
  12. Avoid cluttering counters and shelving
  13. Coordinate the flow and layout of your space
  14. Choose antique glass materials
  15. Contrast neutral walls and flooring with bold bright countertop colors
  16. Curved and organically shaped counters
  17. Ergonomic design in opal
  18. Simple lines and geometric
  19. Avoid harsh patterns
  20. Use recycled materials
  21. Install stainless steel fixtures
  22. Include hidden storage to reduce mess
  23. Make stunning statements with unique custom shapes
  24. Tastefully combine glass displays with elegant lighting
  25. Always have the guest experience in mind

As you can see, there are countless ways to create an elegant clean minimalist look in your home or business. The minimalist style has the advantage of being easy to maintain and to perpetually looking classy. Unlike other styles like Boho, maximalist, or shabby chic, this clean design is timeless. Combine this style with an industrial look or Scandinavian furniture for a twist.

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3 Tips for Adding Texture to Your Kitchen

3 Tips for Adding Texture to Your KitchenModern kitchens are typically smooth and sleek, with streamlined finishes being the watchword of the day.  That’s great and looks fantastic – but too much of a good thing can be harmful in and of itself.  It’s easy to plan all these great, smooth looks – only to realize at the end that your kitchen looks flat and boring without some varied textures.  Especially if you’re working mostly in one color, some added texture is crucial to giving your kitchen an interesting look.  Here’s our tips on some easy additions you can make to break up the smooth and sleek monotony.


Any sort of pattern is going to create immediate visual interest, even if the tiles are similar in texture to the rest of the kitchen.  Small tiles, creating more lines and depth between tiles and grout, can give your backsplash a textured look, which sets it off quite nicely from smoother countertops, cabinet finishes or appliances.

A Variety of Elements

If your entire kitchen is one material, be it solid surface, granite, laminate or anything in between, it can all look a bit “samey”.  Wood, stone, metal, glass – there’s a whole world of options out there that can add splashes of different textures to your kitchen.  Wood flooring or window trim is a great way to set off stainless steel appliances.  I’m personally a fan of natural brick or stone, either as a fireplace or backsplash, to create a similar effect.

Bells and Whistles

The little details can be a great place to add texture without overhauling your entire kitchen plan.  The legs and feet of tables or chairs, the corbels atop your cabinets, the trim of your kitchen island – all are great opportunities to add texture and detail to your kitchen.  These are more prevalent in traditional kitchen designs as opposed to modern ones, but are a great way to give your new kitchen some character.

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