If you’re looking for a durable and affordable option to help redo your bathroom, we can help.’s bathroom solid surface countertops, sinks and shower surrounds are your top choice for your next major bathroom project.

As a Dupont-Corian certified fabricator, produces excellent solid surface material for a wide range of clients throughout the Toronto area.  Many of our most satisfied clients come from our complete bathroom re-designs.

Coming in a variety of colours and styles, our surfaces combine optimal functionality, aesthetic appeal and durability. Our team of designers and installers can help you create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having.  Our solid surface countertops are extremely durable, naturally resistant to water, bacteria and stains.  They allow for virtually seamless installation, as well–you won’t get that in a granite or quartz countertop.  It’s simply the most versatile and flexible surface around.

In addition to counterops, we offer bathtub and shower surrounds.  Protecting your bathroom from mildew and water damage is essential, especially if your tub and shower gets heavy use.  Our solid surface bathtub surrounds not only provides protection and durability, but a great sense of style and visual appeal, as well!

Your bathroom sink, as well, needs to prioritize both sanitation and durability, while still enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. Our sinks come in a variety of colours, styles and shapes that can be customized to fit your bathroom’s décor.

Our expert team of designers and installers will work with you, helping you choose the right brands, colors and styles to achieve your dream bathroom.  We have years of experience making our client’s designs a reality; we can help you every step of the way.

At, we offer a full range of customizable solutions to meet your bathroom solid surface needs. Give us a call today at (416) 346-5612. Our friendly, expert designers would love to find a solution for your home!