When your business deals with food, it’s more than just a commercial enterprise–it’s your life’s work.  You love to cook and feed people, so it’s not just a job to you–it’s really a personal lifestyle choice.  Whether it’s serving food at your own restaurant or running a food production business, you have to put a premium on quality.

That not only means hiring great chefs or using the best available ingredients; your infrastructure is equally important.  A gorgeous, functional and sanitary kitchen is key to your success.  Solid surface countertops and sinks play a huge role in ensuring the highest quality results.

At, we specialize in helping food industry professionals build the kitchens they’ve always dreamed of. Our custom solid surface solutions are fabricated from top-notch products manufactured by Dupont-Corian. These man-made surfaces are constructed from a combination of acrylic, polyester resins and pigments and marble dust to provide a long-lasting, sanitary and beautiful surface to work with.

Our food solid surface countertops themselves are created with an emphasis on structural integrity: seamless, resistant to scratching, chipping and cracking, and built to last. That’s especially important in the food industry, where sanitation is priority number one. Coated with a gel finish, our solid surfaces repel bacteria, helping keep your customers and employees healthy and safe. Their durability ensures that they will last as long as your kitchen does.

Our design and installation process is highly customizable. An expert designer will help make your vision come to fruition, showing you a multitude of colours and styles. We even create 3-D surfaces through a state-of-the-art process called thermoforming. Our top-notch installation crew will ensure that every piece is perfectly cut and installed to fit your kitchen’s existing structure.

If you’re a food industry-proprietor located in Toronto or the surrounding area, is the first company to consider. Give us a call today at (416) 346-5612. We’ve built fantastic kitchens across the area, and can help your business reach its full potential!