Few things are more integral to a gorgeous home or commercial business than high-quality solid surfaces.  Made from man-made materials like acrylic, polyester, marble and gels as well as natural ingredients, contemporary solid surface solutions create countertops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtub surrounds and other surfaces that combine optimal levels of beauty with functionality and durability.

At, we fabricate industry-leading solid surfaces for a variety of purposes, ranging from residential homes and apartments to commercial kitchens and service counters. Some of our most popular products are our architectural solid surface countertops.

We are a certified fabricator of Dupont-Corian, a leading manufacturer of man-made surface solutions. We also carry products by Formica, Avonite and LG HI-MACS, among other reputable brands. While our expert designers and fabrication crews can put together top-notch finished products for any project, our architectural surfaces allow you to guide the process to meet your exact specifications.

Made from a combination of natural minerals and man-made materials, our products place a premium on structural integrity. Seamless, resistant to wear-and-tear and gel coated to repel bacteria, our surfaces meet all industry standards for sanitation and longevity. You need architectural surfaces built to last for decades, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Our surfaces are also largely customizable, something especially important for the architecture industry. All surfaces come in a wide range of colours and designs, can be cut to fit any specification and can even be thermoformed to provide additional aesthetic appeal and functionality. While high-quality solid surfaces are never cheap, we understand the importance of affordability and strive to provide the best available product at the lowest possible price.

If you are in the architecture business and are looking for top-notch solid surfaces for your next project, consider us at We provide only the best architectural solid surface countertops in the greater Toronto area. Call us today at (416) 346-5612.