Best Countertop Materials for the Commercial Kitchen 2020

kitchen-renovationWhen you need stain-resistant antimicrobial commercial kitchen counters, look no further than solid surface countertops. In 2020 your kitchen renovation needs a durable material that is easy to sanitize and versatile for any professional restaurant or healthcare space. Discover why solid surface remains the best option for the commercial kitchen.

Stain Resistant and Antimicrobial Protection

Commercial kitchens must maintain a very high level of cleanliness and sanitation. Solid surface does not support bacteria growth. Whether in a healthcare setting like a hospital or doctor’s office to gyms and restaurants, solid surface delivers the perfect antimicrobial stain resistant surface every time. Don’t worry about grease, permanent marker, hair products, or even graffiti affecting your surface when you plan your next kitchen renovation. Use solid surface.

Solid surfaces have a wide range of incredible benefits, including:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 51 certification, safe for food and restaurants
  • Renewable Surface
  • Greenguard NSF Indoor Air Quality Certification
  • Invisible seams, no sealing or painting required
  • No shrinkage Cracks
  • Transfer images onto the surface for decoration
  • Versatility
  • Hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns
  • Thermoformable
  • Outdoor use
  • Resistant to trisodium phosphates, mild acids, and most common chemicals

With restaurants, medical facilities, gyms, and other establishments needing to keep to serious health guidelines, you need the best countertop material. You need a material that promises to last for years with little maintenance. You need solid surface.

Attractive and Durable

Besides being a safe option for your establishment, find the right color, design, or pattern for your facility. Solid surface comes in an astonishing array of gorgeous colors and patterns. Choose from hundreds of beautiful colors, granite finishes, swirl patterns, veining, and more. Inspired by nature and modern design, solid surface patterns and colors fit with any kitchen décor. Find the right design for you.

Call the Solid Surface experts today. We offer the best in customer service and solid surface design. No matter your budget, we promise to find you the materials and products you need. Contact our team at Solid Surface. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your important questions. Set up your consultation today.




What is the Best Kitchen Countertop for a Kitchen in 2020?

kitchen-design-layoutWith so many options for your kitchen countertops, what should you choose? No matter your kitchen design layout, you need a durable aesthetically attractive countertop. Solid surface countertops provide an affordable and versatile countertop option for your home. Protect your family from bacteria and viruses. Available in a wide variety of bold colors and designs, enjoy the strength of the solid surface.


Solid surface countertops provide an impact-resistant and durable options. Whether you have a smaller urban kitchen design layout or a luxurious space, enjoy the sustainability of a solid surface. Low maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to impacts, you will enjoy a lifetime investment when you buy solid surface.

Versatile Styles and Colors

Let your vision become a reality. Solid surface countertops come in a wide range of exciting finishes and colors. Call our solid surface experts and find the perfect style and finish for your kitchen aesthetic. Enjoy a clean look in any color.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Unlike wood and other porous countertops, solid surface countertops do not hold onto viruses and bacteria. Solid Surface is non-porous. Don’t worry about water, mold, and germs. Easily clean and disinfect your solid surface countertop for a safe place to prep food and serve your family.


Whether you big budget or small, find the perfect countertop material for your kitchen remodels. Solid surface countertops are an affordable attractive option for every home. Enjoy a wide range of options in our showroom like quartz, marble, or granite.


Enjoy green construction, recyclability, and durability with solid surface countertops. We dedicate ourselves to recycling your old countertops and providing you with a sustainable solid surface countertop to last a lifetime.

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Rangetops Vs Cooktops

Rangetops Vs CooktopsRedesigning your kitchen isn’t just a matter of form – function must be taken into account as well.  And one of the primary functions of your kitchen is for cooking!  The choice of primary cooking element in your kitchen is a very important one.  Many homes choose an oven with a built in stovetop, but this is far from the only choice out there – stand-along rangetops and cooktops are solid options as well, and will impact how you choose to have your countertops installed.

Rangetops and cooktops allow you to have a more flexible kitchen layout.  Because they don’t have to be in the same place as your oven, you get more customization on how your kitchen will end up working – you might place the oven relatively out of the way in the corner, with the cooktop closer to prep areas and the pantry, for example.  But cooktops and rangetops are not synonymous – there are several key differences between the two, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Rangetops slide in, interrupting the flow of your countertop entirely.  The countertop ends, the rangetop is slid into place, and the countertop will continue on the other side.  Cooktops, though, are set in.  It requires you to cut out a section of a countertop and place the cooktop inside – so it will be surrounded, on three or four sides, by countertop.

This generally means cooktops are a bit easier to install – your countertops are installed normally, and then a precision cut is made for the cooktop.  Rangetops require countertops to be finished on either side, which can be a bit more work.

It also alters where the controls go.  Rangetops generally have their controls on the front of the appliance, like you’ll see on your standard stovetop.  Since they take up a whole unit of “countertop” space, it makes sense for the controls to be in the front – there’s no need to reach over a hot burner to make an adjustment to temperature, for example.

Cooktops, on the other hand, are surrounded by countertop.  Generally speaking, that means they place their controls at the top of the unit.  The idea is to continue the sleek, minimalist approach, rather than interrupting the flow of your countertops with cooking equipment.  The tradeoff, of course, is that the controls can be harder to reach.  Which type of control you choose will depend on what you’re comfortable with in your cooking style.

No matter if you choose a cooktop, a rangetop or a traditional stovetop, the expert craftsmen at Solid can ensure a perfect fit with your countertop choice.  Call us today!

Three Remodeling Ideas for Galley Kitchens

Three Remodeling Ideas for Galley KitchensA galley kitchen is a kitchen shaped as a narrow corridor, with appliances and countertops flanking each side.  As opposed to open-floor plans which are the modern style, galley kitchens are designed for small-space efficiency, perfect for one-cook situations but not much else.  One might think that the cramped style would limit the flexibility you’d have in a remodel or redesign, but that’s really not true.  The experts at Solid Surface Canada can help find great ideas to getting the most out of your galley kitchen.

Use Tricks to Make It Feel Larger

One of the main complaints about galley kitchen is that they’re on the smaller side – you’re essentially enclosed on three sides, which produces a cramped feeling.  There are tricks you can use to increase your storage space and make the kitchen feel larger, however, even if you can’t increase its actual footprint.

Extending your cabinets all the way to the ceiling can give you extra storage space, as well as give the illusion of extra height.  Lighter cabinet and countertop colors and reflective surfaces can also help create the illusion of more space, and a natural light source will make your kitchen feel brighter and more airy.

Shrink the Work Triangle

The “kitchen work triangle” concept states that the main kitchen appliances – your refrigerator, stovetop and sink – should be within a few steps of where you prep the food, forming an efficient and accessible triangle.  This works well in a galley kitchen.  If your stovetop and sink are on different sides of your kitchen, consider relocating one in a remodel; this will make clean-up more efficient and prevent clutter from spreading throughout your kitchen.

Remove a Section of Wall

Not all home renovations can include removing a wall section to open up the space, but sometimes, a compromise is possible.  For example, if one wall of your galley kitchen is next to the dining room, a doorway between the two can add extra light and a larger view to your kitchen.

Of course, the best investment you can make in your kitchen is high-quality countertops.  Solid Surface Canada offers a complete range of solid surface tops to meet all of your kitchen renovation needs.  Contact us today!