Best Low-Maintenance Countertop Materials

Best Low-Maintenance Countertop MaterialsWith your busy life, you don’t have time to deal with countertops that need tons of regular maintenance.  Sealing natural stone and worrying about scratches and stains is more work than many of us want to put into our kitchen!  Fortunately, there are a wide variety of countertop materials that are significantly lower maintenance, allowing you to have great countertops without the added work or stress.

Solid Surface

Naturally, we’re going to recommend solid surface above all others.  Solid surface is worry free, with scratches easily being buffed out; as the color and pattern go all the way through the material, you don’t have to worry about ruining your finish.  Solid surface is easily cleaned with soap and water, is resistant to staining and resist heat and impacts better than nearly any other surface available.  It’s hard to go wrong when you pick solid surface.

Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for a more industrial/modern-chic look, stainless steel is an interesting option – and you can’t get any lower maintenance than stainless steel.  As the name would imply, they don’t get stained by food or juice or anything else that they might encounter in the kitchen, and are heat resistant, to boot.   They don’t need to be sealed or refinished, and require no special products to clean.  They can be slightly more expensive than solid surface, however, and they are much noisier.  Still, they’re a solid alternative.


Laminate is a very affordable alternative for a low-maintenance countertop.  Many of the same manufacturers make both laminate and solid surface options, including Wilsonart and Formica.  They are easier to install than solid surface, and offer many of the same benefits – a nonporous surface, no need for sealing or refinishing, hundreds of colors and patterns, etc.  The main issue they have, compared to solid surface, is that the pattern doesn’t go all the way through the material, so you risk having unsightly damage to your counter that is impossible (or, at least, very expensive!) to repair, as opposed to a quick-and-easy solid surface repair job.

Comparing Corian Countertops to Popular Alternatives

corian countertopsCorian countertops were the first solid surface product to hit the market back in the late 60s. They represented a significant breakthrough in countertop materials because not only were they man made and more affordable than natural stone but they were/are completely non-porous; hence the name ‘solid surface’. But while companies that sell and install solid surface are well aware of its attributes many consumers remain in the dark. In this post we’ll try and shed some light on what makes solid surface such a great deal when compared to the competition.

Corian countertops: How They Stack Up

While there are many brands of solid surface countertops today we’re going to confine our discussion to Corian and how it compares to its primary natural stone competitors. Let’s get going.

  • Durability – Granite, quartz and other natural stones are prone to chipping and cracking due to their composition. Solid surface by contrast is engineered to be the same density all the way through making it less likely to chip or crack. Both solid surface and natural stone are easy to clean though you’ll need to reseal granite and other stones at least once a year.
  • Porous vs. non-porous – Perhaps the defining characteristic of solid surface Corian countertops is that they’re non-porous. They won’t absorb spilled liquids of any kind. This gives Corian a major advantage over quartz, marble and other natural stones that need to be watched carefully in order to avoid leaving stains that can wind up permanent countertop features.
  • Maintainability – Granite and marble are beautiful but woe unto you should someone put a ding or significant scratch in the surface. You’ll basically just have to live with it. With solid surface scratches, even fairly deep ones, can be buffed out along with knicks and small chips. The ability to refresh the surface in this fashion is another major advantage of solid surface.
  • Seamless Integrated Sinks – While in recent years stone fabricators have found ways to create integrated seamless sinks using granite, soapstone and other natural stones it’s still far easier to achieve this smooth, timeless, in demand effect using Corian or another type of solid surface countertop material.
  • Adaptability – While natural stone can be carved to a certain degree solid surface Corian can be made to serve whatever design or decorative task you set out for it. You can engrave it, sculpt it, sandblast it, carve it and more. The fabricator can also bend it by the precise application of heat and force to create virtually any desired shape. Try bending granite.

It’s likely that natural stones like granite, quartz and marble are not going out of style any time soon and that’s fine because in certain cases you want marble or granite. Most homeowners however are better served by having an affordable, versatile alternative to fall back on when both the cost and limits of natural stone become obstacles. Talk to the professionals at Solid and find out more about how beautiful, durable Corian countertops can benefit your home.

The Advantages of Corian Countertops

Corian Countertops are considered to be the distant cousin of more glamorous countertops like granite or quartz. They are considered to be an expensive product but there are still a number of higher-end options that will cost more to have installed. The thing that sets Corian Countertops apart would have to be their aesthetic. If you are planning on having a kitchen counter, backsplash as well as a sink replaced, then Corian Countertops can be made to give off the appearance that they are all one solid surface, and that’s just one of many benefits they are able to offer.

Why Choose Corian Countertops?

Corian can be used for a wide variety of applications including solid surface countertops, solid surface vanities, as well as solid surfaces for healthcare. There are a number of reasons why many people are choosing this option over others, which include:

  1. Easy to Clean – Corian countertops are easier to clean than most other solid surface countertops. No fancy, overly expensive products are required to clean them. Simply using warm water and soap and then wiping it dry after it is cleaned will usually be enough.
  2. Limitless Designs – They can be molded through a process known as “thermoforming,” which is unique to this material. This gives it great versatility and allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications, in a wide range of styles. In some cases, the countertops can even be illuminated.
  3. Seams – Corian countertops solve one of the biggest problems in the world of countertops – seams. Seams have traditionally been considered a weakness in countertops and can often lead to bacteria growth and unhygienic conditions (less than ideal in a kitchen) if not properly maintained. Corian countertops don’t have them, so this isn’t an issue.
  4. Price – Cheaper than many alternative countertop materials such as quartz, granite and marble. However, while they cost less, they are just as aesthetically pleasing as the others.
  5. Repairs & Maintenance – They are slightly more susceptible to damage than other surface materials but they are also easier to take care of and repair work doesn’t usually require any drastic action unlike with other countertop products.
  • Scratches- They can be sanded out. Deeper scratches would leave a slight indentation but the scratch itself can be made to disappear. If the damage is too extensive, resurfacing is also an option.
  • Maintenance- Be sure to avoid placing hot pots or pans directly on the surface of the countertop. Also, try at all costs to not cut or slice anything on the surface of the countertop to avoid scratches. A cutting board, or heat proof mat should do the trick.
  1. Long Lifespan- Corian countertops are designed to withstand a lifetime of usage. It is sturdy and completely unaffected by humidity, an area in which wood countertops fall short.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or any other solid surface in your home, Corian is definitely the way to go. For a countertop that will make your living space stand out from the rest, contact the team at Solid Surface in Toronto, a trusted expert, for all your countertop needs.