Why Solid Surface for Healthcare Is an Ideal Match

There are many materials and pieces of equipment required to make a healthcare office run smoothly and efficiently, and staying organized is key. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is also vital and therefore the type of material that the countertop surfaces are constructed from, which are heavily used in most healthcare facilities, becomes very important. Solid surface countertops are the most popular choice for a number of reasons, which we’re going to outline in this article.

What Are Some Reasons Solid Surface for Healthcare is a Good Solution?

As we’ve already touched upon, the top priority in furnishing a healthcare facility is creating an environment that will prevent infection. Because of this, the surfaces used in the design of the spaces are very important. Out of all the options that could possibly be chosen, solid surfaces are ideal for several reasons, including:

  • Sterility – With recent innovations in laminate technologies, solid surfaces for healthcare are made to be 100% non-porous. This means that the liquid resulting from any spills that occur or damp objects set on the surfaces will not soak into the countertop. Surfaces like marble or granite are not completely free of air pockets. They can soak up a miniscule amount of liquid and, over time, the liquid buildup will result in mold or mildew, not compounds you want lingering around a healthcare facility. Solid surfaces always stay as sterile as the day they were installed.
  • Easy to Maintain –Healthcare professionals have a lot on their minds, and do not have much excess time to be cleaning up after themselves. Cleaning a solid surface is extremely quick and easy. The smooth laminates that coat solid surface countertops are sleek and smooth, making a single sweep from a warm sponge enough to clean the surface off completely.
  • Durability – Modern solid surfaces can take a beating and retain their clean and sterile look. Their laminates are treated with Enhanced Performance Technology methods, processes that significantly increase the surface’s ability to deflect potential scratches, scuffs, and dents.
  • Easy to Renew – Many countertop surfaces, such as marble, are very heavy, unruly, and difficult to perform maintenance or replacement on – just imagine trying to replace a thick slab of marble countertop! Solid surfaces, however, are manufactured with the thought of maintenance in mind. They are light and easy to fix or recycle.
  • Certification of Microbial Resistance – Though solid surfaces are manmade, they are completely free of potentially harmful substances, which, as any healthcare professional will tell you, is extremely important.

Solid surfaces for healthcare are the ideal choice for staying sterile and efficient. Our Toronto-based team of expert solid surface fabricators and installers would be glad to assist you with anything you need.