How to Reduce Bacteria in Your Kitchen

How to Reduce Bacteria in Your KitchenWarning!  Your kitchen may not be as healthy as you think!

Your kitchen can become a breeding ground for bacteria and regular, old-fashioned dirt.  Not only does it become a collecting ground for debris from the human body itself, but food and cooking oils can accumulate on your countertops, appliances and surfaces over time.  If you have moldy food, it can release spores into the air.  Raw, uncooked foods can expose your kitchen to harmful bacteria.  The list goes on.

There are things you can do to keep your kitchen clean and yourself healthy, of course.  Here are some tips on how to make sure your kitchen is a clean, safe room.

Solid Surface countertops are a great way to start.  They’re non-porous, as opposed to natural stone.  That means that not only will they not absorb stains, but they also don’t provide the cracks and crevasses for bacteria to lurk and multiply.  No seams means that your countertops are easier to clean, and clean thoroughly.

Small appliances, if left on the countertop, can accumulate unhealthy bacteria as well. Your coffee maker, toaster, blender and stand mixer, just sitting there, can become breeding grounds for bacteria, accumulating over time.  If you’re redoing your kitchen, consider having sliding cubbies and appliance garages installed; they allow you to keep your appliances put away when not in use without too much extra effort.  It will help clear up counter space, as well.

Utensils, if kept on the counter, can similarly become a breeding ground for bacteria, often requiring you to wipe and rinse each spatula and spoon before use.  Instead, invest in a cutlery drawer holder, or custom drawers with sliding plastic covers, to help protect your utensils.

Countertop containers, with sugar, flour and spices, are incredibly convenient for chefs – but they’re dust magnets.  If you’re remodeling your kitchen, consider a pullout rack or deep cabinet drawer to store these containers; it will give you quick access to all your materials and keep them safe from gathering harmful bacteria.