What’s Different About a Wilsonart Solid Surface

There are a range of solid surface fabricators to choose from if you are in the market for a new vanity countertop. Wilsonart solid surfaces, with their bevy of practical and aesthetic features, are certainly among the brands you should look at.

What Features Make Wilsonart Solid Surfaces a Top Contender?

  • Fire-retardant – One of the most common problems suffered by most solid surface countertops comes from being exposed to high heat and developing burn marks. Wilsonart solid surfaces, however, are flame-retardant and will stay free of burns.
  • Water-Tight – Another common problem with many kitchen or bathroom counters is that they start to smell bad after a while because of water or food debris that gets trapped in the seams between sections of the counter and the resulting mold and mildew buildup. The seams of Wilsonart counters are 100% water-tight, assuring easy cleaning and no bad smell.
  • Silky Smooth – Wilsonart is famous for the innovative laminate finish with which it treats its surfaces. The high definition laminate gives your surface a shining gleam while making it extremely smooth and easy to clean with a quick wipe of a sponge.
  • Durable – The famous laminates are also treated with AEON Enhanced Performance Technology methods. This makes the surfaces significantly more durable, going a long way towards assuring it does not suffer cracks, scratches, scuffs, or other damage marks.
  • BeautifulWilsonart solid surfaces show off a sleek and beautiful design that shines like polished marble or granite but, as demonstrated above, suffers from none of the same vulnerabilities. The surfaces are available in over 50 colors and patterns, guaranteeing that a great fit can be found for any interior design scheme. From Aged Piazza to Winter Carnival, you will be able to make a statement with your counter’s design. Wilsonart counters’ edge designs are also customizable, allowing you to add even more character to your Toronto

Wilsonart offers one of the most diverse and professionally made selections of solid surface countertops and vanities that money can buy. By choosing to go with Wilsonart, you will add durability, cleanliness, and beauty to the room you put the surface in while significantly increasing the value of your home. Let our Solid Surface expert technicians, serving homes throughout the Toronto area, deliver and install a Wilsonart countertop, and with it these excellent benefits, to you.