What to Know When Shopping for Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to interior design, solid surface countertops are usually admired by anyone who comes into contact with them. From a busy restaurant kitchen to a newly renovated residential bathroom, impressive countertop spaces are cherished by their owners for good reason.


However, while people often appreciate solid surface countertops, they rarely talk about the details that are so important for the selection of the most suitable countertop for whatever purpose the buyer is shopping for. Regardless of whether a home cook needs something solid to chop and roll on, or whether a commercial hotel needs durable solid surface vanities for its bathroom upgrade, careful consideration is required.


What Kind of Solid Surface Countertops am I Looking For?


If you are looking to buy solid surface countertops—especially if the concept is new to you—then its purpose should guide your purchase:



A Wilsonart solid surface countertop is a worthwhile choice if you are buying for a home installation, as the acrylic organic Wilsonart Solid Surface products can be post-formed to create customized appearances in more than 50 colors, while its easy-to-clean toughness is complemented by a water resistance that also guards against dirt and food particles.



Corian countertops are appropriate if you are shopping for a commercial setting like an eatery or an office building. Corian solid surface countertops are certified by Du Pont, as the company engineered the solid surface material.


While a variety of colors and designs is on offer, Corian’s emphasis lies in flexibility and durability—the former allows it to be shaped for any purpose, without affecting its beautiful appearance, while the latter’s non-porous, stain-resistant properties mean that Corian countertops are built to withstand intensive use and maintain a resistance to bacteria.



Solid surface for healthcare is highly recommended, as the material is ideal for the design of hygienic environments. An Avonite solid surface countertop stands out in this regard, as not only is its non-porous and heat- and stain-resistant surface easy to clean, but the product’s GreenGuard certification means that the material improves the surrounding air quality.

Like anything, experience is a great advantage when shopping for solid surface countertops. We have been assisting both residential and commercial buyers since 2001, so in Toronto, the advantage is simply a phone call away.