Making a solid surface countertop

ss5A solid surface countertop is one of the most functional and durable surfaces out there.  It’s versatile and easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Whatever brand you end up going with, solid surface countertops are a great selection for your kitchen or bathroom.

As there are numerous brands that make solid surfaces, the manufacturer and exact composition of your solid surface countertop can vary.  Generally, it’s an acrylic, epoxide or polyester resin, which is then mixed with various pigments to produce a wide variety of colors.  It can either be cut into sheets or shapes or injected into a mold to produce a more decorative design, complete with any decorative touches right from the initial creation.

Polyester-based solid surfaces are generally cheaper, and will provide a higher-gloss finish.  They’re less likely to have the perfect seam you’re hoping for, though, so many people chose the newer acrylic-based solid surfaces.  They cost a little more, but are less likely to chip and crack, and are easier to join together in a seamless fashion.  No matter which type of resin your brand uses, it will likely arrive at your builder in a solid sheet.

Your contractor will take these sheets of solid surface, in your chosen color and style, and cut them to match the size and shape of your countertops.  Then, they will bind them together using a color-matched epoxy.  The pieces will be clamped close together, and then left to dry.  The contractor will then sand off the excess epoxy and polish the area.  This creates the illusion of the countertop being one consistent piece rather than multiple pieces joined together; because solid surfaces have the same color and patterns all the way through, they can be sanded down to match without losing their aesthetic value.

It’s really a very simple process when handled by experts who know what they’re doing.  From formation to installation, a solid surface countertop is specially designed to meet all your countertop needs, from aesthetics to health and everything in between.  When you get a solid surface countertop, you know you’re getting a durable work surface that will last you a long time without significant upkeep.  For many design projects, a solid surface countertop will end up being the way to go.