4 Kitchen Reno Mistakes To Avoid

4 ktichen reno mistakes to avoid

Before you dive into your next project, think about the many kitchen reno mistakes to avoid. Read on to help you plan your dream kitchen.


Not sticking to your budget is one of the biggest reno mistakes to avoid. It’s so easy to try to justify the next purchase because it looks so nice. Planning a budget is more than just picking random numbers out of the air. It requires a lot of research and a bit of fluidity.

When starting a budget, think about how much you can reasonably spend. Important factors to consider are if you will be selling the house in the near future or now. If you plan on moving, then it may be wise to scale back; after all, even if it looks nice, there’s no guarantee that the new buyers will even want to keep the new design. If you will be staying in the house for a long time, then try to spend the top of your budget so that you can get the most enjoyment out of it.

Once you have a total budget, minus 10% from this number. That 10% will be your contingency fund; once you start tearing down walls, there may be a lot of unforeseen costs. With this new number, start dividing it into categories: appliances, paint, accessories. Don’t forget costs for items you can’t see, like plumbing and electrics.

Keep going back to your budget as your kitchen reno progresses. If you always know your numbers, then one of the kitchen reno mistakes you can avoid is going over budget.


There are three main parts of the kitchen that create a triangle workflow: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. Make sure that there is a clear path between these elements. Practice going between the three areas and envision yourself prepping, cooking, and cleaning. If you find that you have to walk around the island to reach the refrigerator, then you may need to rethink the design. This kitchen reno mistake needs to be thought of early in the planning stage. It’s a lot harder to move a sink after a completed kitchen reno than before.

Choose appliances first

It can be easy to overlook appliances and go straight for tile, countertops, and cabinets. But appliances should really be the first step in a kitchen reno. Refrigerators come in many different depths and widths. Stoves, too, can vary in width. Instead of having a gap between the stove and the countertop, place the appliance first so that the countertop can be measured to fit exactly.

It’s also a good idea to find out how noisy your dishwasher will be. It’s nice to be able to turn on the dishwasher immediately after dinner. But, if the living area or TV area are right next to it, then it can easily disrupt your evening plans.

Big picture

Finally, an important kitchen reno mistake to avoid is forgetting about the big picture. Don’t pick out individual accents or appliances until you compare them to the entire scheme. This way everything will flow together and be harmonious.