How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

how to paint kitchen cabinets

Kitchens are a big investment. From floors to countertops to cabinets, each piece can cost a lot both in terms of time and money. Often when choosing to remodel a kitchen, at least one element is sacrificed. If you’ve decided on new countertops but still want to do something with your cabinets, painting them is a good idea. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if done correctly, the results can be well worth it.


First of all, pick a time that you will need your kitchen the least amount. If you have kids, wait until they are in summer camp or can spend some time with their grandparents. Summer is a good time as it means you can use your BBQ instead of the stove. No matter when you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, be aware that you will want people to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.

The first step to paint kitchen cabinets is to remove them. Detach any hardware and be sure to label everything. Some cabinets may look like similar sizes, but can actually be off by a bit. Save time at the end by labelling which cabinet door goes where.

Next, sand down the doors using-grit paper. As you go along, if you see any holes or scratches, use wood filler to even the surface. After the filler has dried, be sure to sand any remnants down.


First, prime the wood. This ensures that everything is sealed and there is a nice, even color to begin with. Make sure the primer is completely dry. It can be tempting to rush but if the paint is still a bit tacky, then it can ruin the next coat of paint.

When it comes to actually painting kitchen cabinets, you have two options. You can use a brush or you can use a paint sprayer. What you choose will depend on your comfortability and your space. If you do not have a garage or yard with which to use a sprayer, then a brush will have to suffice.

If you can, however, a paint sprayer will provide a more even texture to the cabinets. It is best to practice with it on a some wood, just to get a hang of the sprayer. The cabinet boxes and any trim should be painted with a brush.


Once everything is dry, it is time to reassemble the kitchen cabinets. You can definitely use your existing hardware and hinges, but now would be the perfect time to replace anything that looks dingy. Hardware can be relatively inexpensive but makes a big difference in a room. There are also great hinges that close lightly which can alleviate hard knocks and loud noises.

Make sure you take before and after pictures so that everyone can admire your DIY prowess!